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The Davis Podiatry Center provides the latest state-of-the-art technology and procedures to treat foot problems.

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Tracy Ferragamo, D.P.M
Dr. Ferragamo has dedicated her professional career to helping people off all ages put an end to foot pain to improve their quality of life. She is trained and certified in peripheral neuropathy surgical correction, CO2 LASER surgery, neurosensory testing, endoscopic foot surgery and peripheral arterial disease screening.

Bio and Certification
Services Offered
• Comprehensive Foot   Exams
• Advanced Surgical   Techniques
• Peripheral Vascular   Testing
• Custom arch supports
• Neurosensory testing
• Diagnostic Ultrasound
• Fluoroscan

More Services

Specialized Treatments
• Anodyne Therapy
• Peripheral Neuropathy   Treatment
• Plantar Fasciitis   Treatment
• HyProCure™ Implants
• Digital Orthotics
• Peripheral Arterial   Disease Screening

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